United Fresh Produce Innovation Expo at McCormick Place Chicago

Located at the Chicago McCormick Place the Produce innovation Expo showcases creative and new produce items, fresh food trends, cutting-edge tools and technology. From local food creators right in Chicago backyards to internationally known food producers, there is a wide variety of sources to explore for those in the wholesale distribution or retail food industry. What was especially interesting were the small business start ups that had unusual new food or beverage products being launched with noteworthy stories of how and why they began their foodie business. Additionally, it was refreshing and a delight to visit with Italian, Thai and Chinese sources bringing tastefully unusual products to the marketplace.

United Fresh Produce Innovation Expo Directory.


Vavoom! What a booth! Nature sweet tomatoes served it up right at the United Fresh Produce Innovation Expo trade show! With bright displays of the cherub tomatoes, glory tomatoes, sunburst yellow tomatoes and the constellation tomatoes used in recipes that are made with love on location.


John Long & Ali Mendy creating Nature Sweet Tomatoes dishes with love at the company booth. These growers of tomatoes offer multiple packaged brands that are all amazing!


NatureFresh™ Farms began as a “Build and Sell” project in 1999. As a greenhouse designer, manufacturer, and builder, our Founder & President Pete Quiring recognized that the greenhouse industry was in transition, and that technology and innovation would drive continued growth.


NatureFresh™ Farms is also one of the largest independent greenhouse pepper growers in North America, offering various colors of sweet bell peppers. Nature Fresh.ca only utilizes verified non-GMO seeds for all tomato, bell pepper and cucumber varieties.


The mother of all juicers…meet Zummo!


Aguacates Chahena was established in the area of Cupatitzio in 2008. Chahena Avocados is located in Uruapan, Michoacan. This city is well known as the Avocado Capital of the World because it has all the environmental characteristics that allow for a yearlong, uninterrupted production of Avocado.


“The number 22, for us, represents what is essential and positive in life. It has inspired us to put greatness into our very favorite place: the kitchen! As a result, our recipes are transparent, meaningful, and delicious.” Damien Callery, co-founder Kitchen22


“The Nichols Farm & Orchard story began in 1978 with Lloyd and Doreen Nichols’ backyard garden. Lloyd had always loved to garden, and with visions of becoming self sustained the family moved from Lombard and the backyard garden, to their first 10 acre parcel in Marengo, IL. They bought animals, made butter and cheese, cultivated 4 of the acres, and planted a small orchard. The yield was much more than Lloyd and the family needed, so he began selling the vegetables out of the back of his truck and became a vendor at the Evanston Farmers Market.”~ Nichols Farm


Nichols Farm & Orchard


Mucci Farms displays festive waters with veggies and fruits. Recipes floated around this booth along with amazing presentation and samples. A delight of a company and refreshing as well!


FarmedHere® is a local, organic, indoor vertical farm located just south of Chicago in Bedford Park, Illinois with produce grown indoors in an urban farm, away from the bugs, diseases, pesticides, and weather that impact most produce today.


Charlie’s Machine & Supply is a worldwide leader in the distribution of Carrot, Onion and Potato peeling equipment; Leafy produce & Melon Washers; Carrots, Onions, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Apples


Matrix Packaging Machinery is an industry-leading manufacturer known for vertical form-fill-seal, pre-made pouch, horizontal roll-stock pouch, and stickpack and sachet packaging machines. The Matrix facility near Milwaukee Wisconsin is the Pro Mach Flexible Packaging Group headquarters.


La Preferida has been a family-owned and -operated company based in Chicago, IL for more than 65 years. La Preferida shows a complete line of Mexican specialties that covers more than 250 products, ranging from traditional foods like salsas, peppers and beans to pastas, drink mixes, marinades and seasonings.


Recipes Galore fro La Preferida!


Vita offers fine salmon and herring products with a wide selection of sauces, marinades, rubs, salad dressings, dessert toppings, syrup, honey and drink mixes. A great brand that never disappoints.


With their homemade recipes for lard-free tamales served from a street cart (inspiration for the company’s pepper cart icon), Texas Tamale launched a small business with a very bright future. They began shipping “survival kits” of tamales, chili, queso and sauces all over the country to displaced Texans. Others outside the Lone Star State caught on to the Texas delicacy and the legend grew. Over the last 30 years the business has grown from a single tamale cart to a proud Texas-based company with a national fan base.


PB Crave is instantly addictive! The Riess family wanted to create a different peanut butter. A peanut butter that is delicious, but that also gave back to the local and global communities. They created PB Crave peanut butters.


ady Products’ AloeMixers make it possible to create a variety of aloe cocktails that will be low in sugar and sodium, yet rich in antioxidants. The AloeRita and AloeMary mixes are made with organically grown whole-leaf Aloe Vera and promise to provide a low-calorie way to indulge in traditional margaritas and Bloody Mary drinks.


Nuts for Drinks is a premium snack that contains peanuts and a proprietary specialty-baked coating. Nuts for Drinks has developed natural flavors and recipes to complement customers’ favorite drinks.


Billy Rogers & Adams Rozen from Nuts for Drinks


Meet Snow Wang of Honey Sun of Wayne Global Distributing. 1-978-855-8888. Amazing blueberry juice and in search for distribution in the USA.


Found in 1605, Guiseppe Guistiis the oldest producer in the world. 17 generations of expert balsamic vinegar producers have brought Giusti to be recognized as a point of reference for enthusiasts of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.


Amazing history of Guiseeppe Guiste which reflects classic quality and thoughtfulness all the way through. Be certain to explore their website and step back into time where you can see this product line is made with love for hundreds of years. www.giusti.it/en/


Acqua Smeraldina is the premium bottled artesian water for highly health-conscious people. Acqua Smeraldina is pure artesian water from the beautiful island of Sardinia (Italy), where the lifestyle is healthier and people live longer: that’s why it is known as the island of centenarians.


The Government of Thailand shows off samples of individual product lines searching for USA distribution.


Lamai Fresh Thai Coconut features coconut products for healthy living!


Coming up.. 51st Edition – international wine & spirits exhibition Verona April 9-12 2017



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