Libertyville Farmers Market Event

Libertyville features its Farmers Market on a town square with roses in full bloom. 2016 marks the 36th year for the Libertyville Farmers Market and currently has the most vendors ever in its history. Congratulations Libertyville and to all the wonderful vendors who proudly present their products that are made with love. Find vendors here in the Libertyville Participating Producers Directory.



A friendly smile with a cold nose and a kiss on the hand is a lovely welcome to the Libertyville Farmers Market!


Libertyville Farmers Market is a delight as you can also stop and smell the roses!


Twin Garden Farms feathers fresh veggies. In 1954, George and Ruth Ahrens (Grandpa & Grandma) settled in Harvard after moving from Des Plaines, IL. They are proud to say that the third generation is following their successful path of quality sweet corn and fresh vegetables.

twin garden farms

The sign says it all!


An on-site oven baked pizza with egg from Nomad! I don’t think I have ever seen such a beautiful pizza!


A beautiful smile from Nomad pizza as she proudly prepares to serve up fresh and organic pizzas!


Tail-Waggers by Wendy Inc. is true to her company name. At least my four-legged best friend had his tail wagging as he enjoyed his organic cupcakes and jerkey treats. Made with artistic love and naturally good for our best friends! Reward your devoted companion with all natural, tasteful gourmet dog treats. These dog treats are fresh baked and hand crafted in Lake Zurich, IL. store and contain fresh 100% all natural, most nutritious ingredients.


Wendy’s Story…Wendy started baking dog treats for Chance and Brie (their German Wirehairs) about five years ago in their home town Buffalo Grove (Chicago suburbs in Illinois). Their dogs loved these little delicious cookies, so she continued to make them and started to give them out to her friends. They gave the word out to their friends and she couldn’t make enough of these great cookies. Everyone began to give them to their dogs, they just loved them! Then, one of her good friendssaid, “Why don’t you open a store and sell them!” These dog treats are magical and made with love. Check out


With a literal taste for adventure, the Holcomb Hollow kitchen is an aromatic wonderland of jam jars and baked goods!

The banana split is amazing!

The banana split is amazing!


Nana only makes what she sells. These are NOT made by machine and stored in dark rooms until they make it out to you. These are MADE by hand — HOME MADE — to order. Moist, decadent and delicious. Of course, Nana only uses all natural ingredients.


Treasure Breads are the perfect Business Gift and the ideal Fundraising Product. Something magical happens when people receive a loaf of Treasure Bread. Maybe it’s because it represents home…and goodness…and old-fashioned family values. Maybe it’s because it is something that can be enjoyed right now with their loved ones. ~ Treasure Bread


Door County Potato Chips are handmade in small batches to ensure the highest quality using only the finest natural ingredients to bring out the real flavor and texture of this delightful snack~ Door County Potato Chips

prairie farms corp

Today’s youth will build the sustainable food systems of tomorrow. The Prairie Farm Corps helps lay the groundwork for a more resilient local food system by immersing youth in sustainable agriculture, providing mentoring, and reflecting on the collaboration between land and living systems. ! Prairie Farm Corps.


Combining her love of coffee and talent for creating sweet and savory offerings, the idea for Swirl Cafe was born. Beginning with the Grayslake Summer Farmer’s Market in 2013, Swirl Cafe introduces their signature “Sticky Bun” and specialty light and dark roast coffees to enjoy at the market, or to purchase for home brewing.~ Swirl Cafe


Flowers abound at the Libertyville Farmers Market!

Olives and Tapenade too! Amazing selection of olives. It is the next best thing to being in Italy!


Colorful, vibrant and tasty olives!


The year was 1975. Family man and Chicago-based food entrepreneur Bill Rose owned and operated a thriving French restaurant in Elk Grove Village, at the height of fine-dining in the Chicagoland area. Bill was committed to serving quality food, passing up opportunities to work with fast-food pioneers to focus on sourcing locally and delivering a fine-dining experience that provided food he was truly proud to serve.~ River Valley Kitchens


Got shrooms?


Got shrooms and pasta sauce?


Lambs Farm is a place that touches everyone who comes in contact with us. To our residents, Lambs Farm is home. It’s a safe, caring environment and extended family of peers. It’s a place to make a contribution to the community while being as self-sufficient as possible. And to our visitors, Lambs Farm is a place to grow through enriching experiences with people with developmental disabilities.~ Lambs Farm


They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” Love Froehlichs Finest Fruits and Vegetables of Berriend Center, Michigan.

fruelichs finestDSC_8867DSC_8868DSC_8870DSC_8871DSC_8883DSC_8850


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