International Floriculture Expo at McCormick Place Chicago

Chicago McCormick Place is the largest convention center in North America. It consists of four interconnected buildings sited on and near the shore of Lake Michigan, 2.5 miles south of downtown Chicago, Illinois. You could say it almost has the feel of a city within a city. The walkways and concourse are bright, light and airy and the architecture of McCormick Place is wildly impressive. The halls are considerable and very well organized with show exhibitors presenting with a warm welcome and many beautifully handmade touches. This trade show is a business to business event with an audience of retailers and distributors. The International Floriculture Expo is the largest B2B Floral Trade Show in North America. Directory Exhibitor List for International Floriculture Expo at McCormick Place in Chicagolobby


burton + BURTON is a family-owned and operated wholesale business serving the supermarket floral industry since 1982. Supplying custom designed, coordinating balloons, floral containers, ribbons, picks, and floral accessories / supplies.


Beautiful and bright floral arrangements in earthy and warm containers give the burton + BURTON environment inviting and cheerful. A lovely accessory line to choose from for any local store seeking unique and fresh design.


Festive and bright decorations bring in the Easter Holiday and celebrates Spring renewal with burton + BURTON


Roga Galindo & Manny Fraga of Sunshine Bouquet bring brilliance to their booth with their contagious smiles and vast floral options.


Roses lined up with colorful impact from Sunshine Bouquet with a glorious scent that won’t let you walk away!


Gold Sunshine Bouquet features a mixed bouquet with a variety of brilliant flowers bringing cheerfulness into our world!


Meet Simon Lai of Taida Orchids where he offers a beautiful array for East Coast & Midwest customers. Simon Lai may be reached at 845-744-3988 or email at


Dan Tan offers an amazing line up of orchids from I Hsin Orchids serving West Coast customers. Lovely and gracious product and people! Dan may be reached at 408-386-7789 or 209-369-0188


Meet Alva Horton from Good-Dirt where she features the compressed dirt and bog bits that are proudly made in the USA.


Good dirt offers unique dirt technology that is more compact than you can imagine and a new clever shovel that works with our natural motion. Check out more on their site.


Jiemi-Han and Rui Han of China Guangdone, one of largest orchid companies in China features an amazing selection of orchids and are currently searching for USA distribution. They may be reached at

DSC_8602 - Version 2

Succulents and cactus are details along the way that catch your eye and are the sweet spots for chic space! Arizona East feature eye catching displays of succulents and cactus creating simplicity and organic elegance!


Love, love, love Arizona East glass designs with their juicy succulents!


P&F Costa Rica Flower Farms is located in the tropical lands of Central America with a unique blend of climatic regions that provides optimum natural conditions for growing outstanding flowers and foliages. Breathtakingly beautiful!


Every corner we turn there are loving floral displays along the aisles and common areas. I’m ready to unpack and move in!


Passion growers are a reflection of their company name. With an interesting story on how this company has evolved with a commitment to community, Passion Growers brings smiles to over 5000 families in their world.


If you love simple clarity in addition to the ease of care you’ll love Live Trends Design Group!

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Clever and creative design elements for any modern space bringing a fresh and earthy perspective from Love Trends Design Group.


Beautiful cactus family in small modern square potted designs is one of many offerings from this contemporary and understated company…Live Trends Design Group!


Bloomaker, a Virginia based company and true innovator, has been taking the floral industry to new heights with Long Life Flowers, widely referred to as “A Brand New Category”. Bloomaker’s entire collection of products represent the quality, convenience and instant gratification today’s consumers are looking for.


More bright blooms from BloomMaker!


A true pioneer in the industry, Hiawatha Evergreens, now in their 78th year of business, supplies fresh, high quality Christmas greens, Western greens and dried green moss products to Wholesale Florists, Grocery Chains, Mass Market Retailers and the Craft Industry.


With the image of a sweet kiss and a smile that is larger than life with blooms abound, the company “Gems” is true to its name. The Gems Group specializes in the supermarket channel and partners with leading retailers throughout North America. Their tagline “Flowers make everyday life better” couldn’t be more true and is convincingly conveyed as they will tag you in their booth with a button affirming this message delivered with a smile.


Alex Ledesma of The Gems Group and John Nens of Hallmark proudly feature the launch of their beautiful bouquet display for a perfect hostess Hallmark gift! The Hallmark bouquet has all the finishing details for an impressive presentation at a tremendous value!


The Hallmark bouquet of red roses carefully wrapped with a natural tissue and silk ribbon tagged with the Hallmark emblem ensures quality, thought and a lot of love in your gift. Our World loves Hallmark and what they stand for!


Hallmark is a shining star with their gift bouquets ready to go with a thoughtful presentation from start to finish. Buying this product line is made easy. Nice job Hallmark and congratulations for still going strong after 106 years!


Learning to sniff out the best in an efficient manner requires skill built with years of experience. Happy shopping and search for the best at the International Floriculture Expo at McCormick Place in Chicago!


Balfour Greenhouses Ltd., was established in 1976 by Leo and Emmy Reus. From its beginnings as a 20,000 square foot bedding plant operation, the company has grown to a 400,000 square foot facility with automated heating, lighting, shading, fertilizing and watering systems.


Established in 2000 Galleria Farms offers a feast for the eyes! If you didn’t see their booth at the show, simply surf their site and you’ll see what we mean!



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