About My World

Welcome to My World! I am Vicki Semke and the foundation of my professional background is laid with brick and mortar as a specialty home furnishings retailer. My husband and I opened our Chicago store Mig and Tig in 1993. We expanded our small business over the years and then closed our physical locations in 2009 and our store website evolved into e-commerce. Over the years we’ve gained valuable insights and knowledge with vendors and through our customers. Our reach grew from working with manufacturers domestically and internationally to developing products for our stores and the marketplace.

The landscape of retail certainly has changed dramatically along with the climate of the economy since 1993. However, closing the doors of our brick and mortar stores permitted us to open bright and beautiful new windows for our community to share and show to the world.

Our family holds a special place in our heart for small business and discovering the unique. For me, it is the thrill of the hunt and it is that dedicated energy that leads me to the prize!  Once I have discovered my diamond in the rough, I love sharing the story of my new found gem so others may have the same opportunity to experience my same enthusiasm.

Believe it or not, it isn’t easy to find the best, most healthy and well made for our domain in my global back yard, but when we do… Our Worlds Share the Love & Show Small Business Shopping.